Hero Dirt Industries electric barrows allow you to get more work done with less effort.

Designed and manufactured in Australia and available to purchase as a complete electric barrow OR as a kit that you attach to your existing wheelbarrow and powered by your own 18 volt batteries.

This means you don’t have to throw away your existing barrow but simply attach the electric kit and convert your conventional wheelbarrow to an electric wheelbarrow.

The Hero Dirt Industries barrow is unique as we can configure the electric kit to suit any brand of battery you may already own. Not only can you reuse your own barrow, but you also don’t have to buy new batteries.

The Hero Dirt Industries barrow will improve productivity and profit, and importantly reduce manual handling related injuries.

Flick the switch to the new way of working.

Hero Dirt Industries is a leader and innovator in the electrically powered construction equipment sector. We build equipment to make your working day easier. Conserve your energy and let our equipment do the work for you.

Suitable for use on any residential and commercial building sites, landscaping, mountain bike trails, farming, and anywhere you need to move materials safely and efficiently!


Going down a ramp or hill with a load is safe as our barrow comes fitted with a brake for the steep slopes, as well as regenerative braking meaning the barrow will charge the batteries going downhill.


Other barrows on the market are powered but only in forward motion. Our barrow is powered in forward AND reverse to allow greater ease of movement with less risk of tipping while turning.


Heavier fossil fueled machines may cause unnecessary harm to environmentally sensitive areas. Our barrow is electric powered with low noise level meaning zero local emissions and no noise pollution.


Unlike larger 4 wheel or 2 front wheel barrows, our barrow is moved easily to and from the worksite without the need for a special trailer or ramps. Our barrow can access any area of your worksite.

Want to get more work done with less effort?

Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

    What is Hero Dirt

    For a mountain biker, Hero Dirt occurs after rainfall when the soil is the perfect consistency, the holy grail of balance between moisture content and softness where the trail flow is perfect and traction is unbelievable. When hero dirt happens almost no wrong can be done on a trail because the traction is so good, you can stay off the brakes and ride hard. You can ride like you are slightly deranged and the biggest risk is hurting your face muscles from smiling too much.

    We all love Hero Dirt.

    We created Hero Dirt Industries to build products that make building trails and moving materials easier. We are powering your builds.

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